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About Kimiko

Kimiko Barber was born in Kobe, Japan and arrived in England in 1972 after winning a scholarship to attend an English school.  She quickly realised that cooking was essential for survival and recalled on her childhood memories.
She learnt to cook with her three grandmothers – one in the cosmopolitan city of Kobe, another in the ancient city of Kyoto and the third in a rustic country kitchen in the rural island of shikoku.

After attending university and a successful career in international investment banking both in the City of London and later in Tokyo, a chance visit to Books for Cooks in Notting Hill changed her focus to cooking, teaching and later food writing.

Kimiko teaches Japanese cooking at a number of cookery schools and contributes regularly to the Weekend Financial Times on its food and wine and travel section and has given lectures and had papers published by the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery.
She also enjoys broadcasting work, which includes Radio 4’s Food Program, Saturday Kitchen on BBC One and most recently filmed with ITV’s Word Best Diet.
Kimiko lives in London during the week with her husband and three sons and is an enthusiastic organic vegetable gardener at their weekend mill house in North Oxfordshire.